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Video Tutorials

Video Classes / Tuition

Instruction for all the dances is delivered by easy -to-follow video tutorials. There are two videos for each class, a DEMO video demonstrating three moves, and a DANCE video showing how to put those moves together with the music. Our expert teachers will take you step-by-step through each move, with timing, and lead and follow instructions, and show how to join the three moves. Over time, and with practice, you will expand the number of moves in your repertoire, and improve your knowledge and understanding of how to put the moves together seamlessly as you dance.

Free Samples

01Waltz Beginner Class
02Tango Beginner Class
03 Cha Cha Cha Beginner Class

Ballroom Beginner Classes


001Change Steps, Natural Turn, Reverse Turn
002Hesitation Change, Steps 1-3 of Reverse Turn, Basic Weave
003Left Foot Change Step, Natural Turn, Outside Change, Hesitation Change
004Natural Spin Turn, Steps 4 – 6 of Reverse Turn, Closed Telemark
0051-3 Natural Turn, Back Whisk, Chasse from Promenade Position
Learn to Dance Waltz Online


001Tango Walks, Progressive Link, Closed Promenade
002Left Foot Walk, Rock Turn, Basic Reverse Turn
003Progressive Link, Open Promenade, Left Foot Rock, Closed Finish
004Tango Walks, Four Step, Promenade Link
005Progressive Link, Natural Twist Turn, Back Corte
Learn to Dance Tango Online


001Feather Step, Three Step, Natural Turn
002Feather Step, Change of Direction, Natural Weave
003Natural Turn, Hover Feather, Change of Direction
004Open Telemark, Open Natural Turn, Outside Swivel, Feather Ending
Lean to Dance Foxtrot Online


001Quarter Turn, Progressive Chasse, Forward Lockstep
002Natural Turn with Hesitation, Progressive Chasse to Right, Running Finish
003Natural Turn, Tipple Chasse, Fishtail
004Progressive Chasse, Natural Spin Turn, Quarter Turn to Left, Quarter Turn to Right
005Quarter Turn, Hover Corte, Tipsy to Right, Forward Lock
Learn to Dance Quickstep Online

Viennese Waltz

001Natural Turn, Change Step, Reverse Turn
002Reverse Turn, Change Step, Natural Turn with Right Sway
003Right Foot Change Step, Reverse Turn, Contra Check, Natural Turn
004Natural Turn, Natural Fleckerl, Natural Turn
Learn to Dance Viennese Waltz Online

Latin Beginner Classes

Paso Doble

001Sur Place, Promenade Link, Chasses to Man’s Right, Separation
002Ecart, Huit, Separation with Lady’s Caping Walks
003Sur Place, Chasse to Left, Grande Circle
004Chasse to Right, Promenade and Counter Promenade, Promenade Close
Learn to Dance Paso Doble Online


001First Basic Movement, Whisks, Underarm Turn to the Right, Side Basic Movement
002Samba Walk in Promenade, Side Samba Walk, Criss Cross Bota Fogo, Underarm Turn Right
003Natural Basic Movement, Corta Jaca, Turning Natural Basic Movement
004Natural Basic Movement, Foot Change to Right Shadow Position, Shadow Bota Fogos, Foot Change to Closed Position, Whisks
Learn to Dance Samba Online


001Fallaway Rock, Fallaway Throwaway, Change of Places Left to Right, Link
002Change of Places Right to Left, Hip Bump, Change of Places Behind the Back, Link Rock
003American Spin, Miami Special, Change of Places Left to Right
004Fallaway Rock, Fallaway Rock to Whip, Jive Walks, Change of Places from Right to Left to Closed Position
005Change of Places Right to Left, Catapult, Link
Learn to Dance Jive Online

Cha Cha

001Closed Basic Movement, Underarm Turn to Left, Hand to Hands, Underarm Turn to Right
002Alemana Turn, Shoulder to Shoulder, There and Back
003Closed Basic Movement, Side Steps to Right, Underarm Turn Right
004Open Basic Movement, Alemana Turn, Three Cha Cha Cha’s, Open Hip Twist
005Natural Opening Out Movement, Reverse Top, Underarm Turn Right
Learn to Dance Cha Cha Cha Online


001Closed Basic Movement, Underarm Turn to Right, New Yorks
002Closed Basic Movement, Side Steps to Left, Cucaracha to Left and Right
003Fan, Alemana Turn, Opening Out to Right and Left
004Closed Basic Movement, Basic Movement to Natural Top, Closed Hip Twist, Alemana Turn
005Fan, Sliding Doors, Underarm Turn Right
Learn to Dance Rumba Online


This list is also a useful directory of Ballroom and Latin dance moves that you can refer back to at any time. Revisit moves / figures that you have forgotten or want to practice. Or find moves that you may have missed or which are new to you.

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