Paso Doble 004 Beginner Class Demo Moves


Paso Doble Basic Moves – Chasse to Right, Promenade and Counter Promenade, Promenade Close

LEVEL: Beginner
STYLE: Paso Doble
Note the Appel is not used on Chasse to Right as the man is stepping sideways and to his right on count one. It is particularly important to maintain good positioning and shaping during the Promenade and Counter Promenade with the heel leads in the right places. The passing from one side to the other will take practise and other amounts of turn will be explored later.

Paso Doble 004 Dance


Example of how to put the 3 moves together to make a dance. Music was by DJ Ice “Bring Me To Life” if you want to play the tune to dance to and practice. (There is no sound due to copyright).

Latin Dancer