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Learn to Dance Waltz Online

Waltz Dance Lessons

Waltz is a graceful dance which started in the early 1600’s in Bavaria, and was introduced to England in the 1800’s. It features a strong “rise and fall” or up and down movement throughout the figures. It is the dance which most comes to mind when thinking of Ballroom dances and has a romantic feel and appearance.

Instruction is delivered by easy-to-follow video tutorials. There are two videos for each class, a DEMO video demonstrating three moves, and a DANCE video showing how to put those moves together with the music. Our expert teachers will take you step-by-step through each move, with timing, and lead and follow instructions, and show how to join the three moves. Over time, and with practice, you will expand the number of moves in your repertoire, and improve your knowledge and understanding of how to put the moves together seamlessly as you dance.

Waltz Beginner Classes


001Change Steps, Natural Turn, Reverse Turn
002Hesitation Change, Steps 1-3 of Reverse Turn, Basic Weave
003Left Foot Change Step, Natural Turn, Outside Change, Hesitation Change
004Natural Spin Turn, Steps 4 – 6 of Reverse Turn, Closed Telemark


This list is also a useful directory of Waltz dance moves that you can refer back to at any time. Revisit moves / figures that you have forgotten or want to practice. Or find moves that you may have missed or which are new to you.

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Easy learn to dance Waltz classes