Learn to Jive – Class 004 – Beginner Moves

We demonstrate three easy-to-follow moves for you to learn each week, including lead-and-follow instructions and timing. You will become more confident and proficient as you build up the number of moves you know.

Jive is a quick swing dance played out to big band music with lots of kicks, energy, and fun personality. It could be described as a fun version of the Jitterbug. Started on the club scene in the 1940’s US and now developed into today’s International Latin dance. The Jive is an amalgamation of moves taken from Salsa, Swing, Tango, and more.

Dancer 009

Jive Basic Moves – Fallaway Rock, Fallaway Rock to Whip, Jive Walks, Change of Places from Right to Left to Closed Position

LEVEL: Beginner
The usual action of a step back and replace is used followed by two chasse steps on Fallaway Rock, the man must then move in front of the lady turning strongly right on his next chasse to the left, leading the lady forward. A rotation continues right for either two or four steps, the man crossing behind and then stepping sideways while the lady walks forward whilst turning. The Jive Walks are a combination of chasses or could be danced as single steps on a quick count in each case remember to raise the left hand before the lady’s turn under the arm. Usually this turn ends facing the partner and slightly apart, however taking a normal hold works equally well.

Jive week 004 Class – Videos

Dance lessons are delivered by two video tutorials for each class. One is a video demonstrating three moves, and one is a video showing how to put those moves together in a dance to music. (This class is for members – please Join the Site for access to all the classes).


Example of how to put the 3 moves together to make a dance. Music was by DJ Ice “Treat You Better” if you want to play the tune to dance to and practice. (There is no sound due to copyright).

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