Jive 003 Beginner Class Demo Moves


Jive Basic Moves – American Spin, Miami Special, Change of Places Left to Right

LEVEL: Beginner
This variation involves swapping hands with the partner during the figure or after its completion. American Spin could be lead from the man’s right or left hand and could keep hold turning the lady under the arm. Note though Miami Special commences with man and lady’s right hand joined, a release happening once his right hand circles over his head and then placed on the left shoulder. The amount of turn on Change of Places Left to Right is a little less due to the ‘side by side’ position gained at the end of Miami Special. The foot placement of each Chasse action varies throughout this dance, but should always remain compact in movement, especially with a faster tempo of music.

Jive 003 Dance


Example of how to put the 3 moves together to make a dance. Music was by DJ Ice “Blinding Lights” if you want to play the tune to dance to and practice. (There is no sound due to copyright).

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