Waltz 004 Beginner Class Demo Moves


Waltz Basic Moves – Natural Spin Turn, Steps 4 – 6 of Reverse Turn, Closed Telemark

LEVEL: Beginner
STYLE: Waltz
The first figure in the variation uses the first half of Natural Turn, well-practised by now and a pivot step. As the word infers a step and strong turn without progression, man stepping backwards and the lady forwards into this action, the brushing of the lady’s feet afterwards should be light in action but with both feet in contact with the floor at all times. Closed Telemark is a quick turn to the left, the rise is a quicker for the man and the lady dances her heel turn but exiting backwards with her right foot. Keep good contact while turning but remember to step past the lady’s right side into the next figure.

Waltz 004 Dance


Example of how to put the 3 moves together to make a dance. Music was by DJ Ice “I Look To You” if you want to play the tune to dance to and practice. (There is no sound due to copyright).

Ballroom Dancer