Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Comments work?

Anyone can see and read the Posts. Anyone can comment, send feedback, and participate.

How much does the Platform cost?

The site is free to use. You are welcome to read, comment, reply or post, and submit listings and all for for free.

I’ve never danced before

You’ve come to the right place. Our platform is a useful source of information for absolute beginners.

I have 2 left feet

Most people think that. But with practice and experience you will become more graceful and grow in confidence.

How long does it take to learn to dance?

It’s different for everyone. Some will find that it comes easily. Others will take a little longer to become proficient. Take as long as you like – we were all beginners once!

Do I need a partner?

The dances are mainly partner dances, so yes you will need a partner (although some Latin dances can be solo). You can also practice leader or follower steps solo.

I’m already taking lessons

That’s great! Its good alongside dance classes to discuss and interact with other people- Dance is very social.

I’m an intermediate dancer

This is a chance for you to go over the basics and get information to inspire you to try new things.

I’m an advanced dancer

You will still find the site useful to interact with dancers worldwide by being a member of the community.

How do I contact other members?

Please use our comments, and social media channels to interact with other users and to recommend the site.

How often is new content added?

Regularly. New content is added on the site all the time, and watch out for social media posts.

We hope you will choose us to be your new dance partner!