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Instruction is available worldwide through easy to follow video tutorials from expert dance instructors Suzanne and Simon. We teach traditional Ballroom and Latin dances. The videos are available online to members who have joined the site. This means that learning is available 24 hours, 365 days a year to anyone anywhere. There are no location-based classes to attend, and no syllabus. So you just choose the videos with the dance and the moves that you want to learn. You can start anytime, with the advantage that there is no need to book. You can miss a week, take time out, and just rejoin where you left off. You can practice on days and at times that are convenient for you.

Two new videos are posted on the site each week. One is a DEMO video demonstrating three moves. And one is a DANCE video showing a dance using those three moves. You can try the moves in each video every week and learn all the dances. Or you can decide which style(s) you would like to practice. So that you choose your dances and move on in a logical progression.

How to use the classes: If you want to learn to Waltz, you would start with the WALTZ 001 DEMO, and WALTZ 001 DANCE videos. Then when you are ready, move on to the WALTZ 002 DEMO, and WALTZ 002 DANCE videos. And so on.

You can also dip in and out of different moves to refresh and revisit things you have tried before. Learning is as flexible as you would like, at a time suitable for you. Learn at your own pace and choose the videos or the dances that interest you. All ten Ballroom and Latin dances in the 10-Dance are featured on the site so you can learn one dance, or ten dances – the choice is yours. Access to all the dances are included in your annual membership fee.

Dance 008

Do you need a partner? All the Ballroom and Latin dances are partner dances with leader and follower roles, so yes, you will need a partner. You can practice the moves solo, but you will need a partner to learn to lead or follow. The leader will learn to give signals using hands, body, verbal instruction, gestures, facial hints to let the follower know what to do next. The follower will learn to respond and react to those leads so that the pair dance in time and in tune with each other.

Different people will learn at different paces and in different ways. But practice and repetition is important for everyone to master the moves. The more you practice, the quicker you will learn. We recommend joining your local Dance School or Club to practice with different partners. Our tutorials work well when used in addition to other practical experience. And at some point you’re going to want to get out there and show everyone what you have learnt.

What should you wear? You should wear leather soled shoes which allow you to turn and spin freely without sticking to the floor (as rubber soled shoes and trainers do). This is to avoid injury and damaging your joints. Take special care when dancing on different types of flooring. Clothing should be loose, allowing comfort and freedom of movement, and can be as casual or formal as you choose.

Dancing is great for people of all ages. It is fun for children, a positive and exciting outlet for all their energy. And it’s ideal for adults as a new hobby / interest, to learn a new skill, meet new people and socialise, to exercise, and get off the couch and move!

“Dancing to music is good for the body and soul…”

Dancing to music is good for the body and soul. It will make you fitter and healthier. It will improve your mood and make you feel happier. It’s a social experience where you meet and interact with other people. The most important thing to remember when learning to dance is to HAVE FUN. There is always something to learn. You will see people who are better dancers than you, but don’t compare yourself to others (they may have been dancing years longer than you). You will go wrong, you will make mistakes but don’t be discouraged by that. It’s part of the learning process. The more you practice, the better you get!

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