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Cha Cha Class 001

Cha Cha 001 DEMO Beginner Class

Cha Cha Basic Moves – Closed Basic Movement, Underarm Turn to Left, Hand to Hands, Underarm Turn to Right

LEVEL: Beginner
STYLE: Cha Cha Cha
The first figure is most important as it will help to develop the rhythm used throughout this dance. It comprises a forward and back walk, a transference of weight and a sideways Chasse. Notice the first step is smaller followed by a closing action, these are taken more quickly than step three of the Chasse. Make sure the lead and direction of the Underarm Turns are clear and that the first step of Hand to Hand is not too long a step.

Cha Cha 001 DANCE

Example of how to put the 3 moves together to make a dance. Music was by Pharrell Williams “Blurred Lines” if you want to play the tune to dance to and practice. (There is no sound due to copyright).

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